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Let us help your transition

to a new IT future.

Project Delivery

Through our channel partners here at Structured Networks we have extensive experience of mass deployment roll outs which is one of our specialities. We have been key in delivery of may Nationwide Roll-Outs from Proof of Concept to Project sign off.

How can we help?


Our experienced team of Post Sales Managers, Project Managers and Engineers will help you ease your way through any Roll-Out situation whether it be WAN migration, LAN migration the installation of a Wireless Network or even just additional cabling throughout the estate for the delivery of new devices.


We can also handle the implementation of new devices with experience in EPOS upgrades,  printer roll outs, PC roll outs and Windows 10 upgrades, new VOIP phone handset roll outs and mobile phone deployments. We can help every step of the way even through to a post deployment “smartbar” where our engineers can help with early life customer training in the use of the new device.


We have been an integral part in the delivery of hundreds of roll outs to both high street and major corporate businesses and government departments.


Let's discuss how our partnership can assist your journey to a new IT future.

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