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Is your existing network holding your business back?

Optimise your network to respond to your changing business demands.

Local Area Network LAN



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The basic LAN implementation it's relatively cheap as it doesn't require an advanced infrastructure to run and it's easier to set up and manage.

High Speed

The systems or devices connected to the LAN communicate at a very high speed depending upon LAN type & ethernet cables supported.


Easy to set up security protocols to protect users from intruders or hackers as the computers on the network can be centrally managed

How can we help?

Whether your business requires a greenfield implementation or an upgrade to your existing LAN solution, Structure Networks can deliver every step of the journey. 

  • ​LAN Design & Build

  • LAN Refresh Solutions

  • Installation Services – Rack & Stack of IP Equipment

  • Break Fix Support

  • Router CPE & Firewall Roll Outs

  • IP Handsets & PoE Deployment

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design             installation           maintenance

Independently of what LAN solution you have currently on your network and what solution you'd like to implement for the future of your business, our engineers at Structured Networks are vendor agnostic and experienced in designing, deploying and supporting all the market-leading solutions. 

If you are having problems with your network, give us a call and let's discuss a solution we can implement to improve your business.

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