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CCTV cameras not only provide reliable security but also give you valuable business insights from anywhere and anytime.

CCTV Cameras

The latest CCTV cameras will not only protect your assets but will also provide important business visibility that can help you make better decisions. With an easy to deploy and manage dashboard, the system can be monitored and accessed anywhere and anytime. This service is offered to both residential/domestic and commercial customers.

Our full CCTV installation package is one of the latest introductions to our wide-range of networking services.

  • Consultancy Services Cabling

  • Camera & DVR Installation

  • Door Entry & Alarm Systems

  • Integration & Commissioning Services


Our Dahua accredited engineers will perform the cabling, camera installation and DVR installation and provide all of the equipment. We can also advise you on camera placements for optimal field-of-view.  Integration with door entry systems and alarms is something we can offer to help optimise overall building management. 


CCTV can also now offer more than security with footfall technology providing analytics that could help with the development of a more agile business.


With Structured Networks Technology, you are guaranteed quality service at the lowest price with the optimum system that fits all of your needs. 

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